The Finnish parent company (24 Pesula Oy) of 24 Laundrette UK Ltd was established in 1999 by the 7 Nevala family brothers. All of them were interested in technology, and their main hobby as children was to fix their own toys and bikes. Later on, they moved to mopeds and cars. As young adults, they started to look for businesses which hadn't used the fast technology development for the business benefits. In their research, laundrettes came high on the list.


They started to learn how the laundrette business itself works and where and how high technology could best help the profitability and growth. Self-service laundry was new to Finland, and the brothers used their US relative to help with understanding how the concept there was built. Combining all the data and own technical skills, the Nevala brothers started to design totally new washing machines. Their target was to quickly manufacture robust, reliable and easy to use machines, which could also be installed fast; to make a laundrette fully operative in 1 day.

The people behind 24 Laundromat

The real turning point in Finland was only a few years ago when a strategic and financial supporter joined the business, and the fast growth of the laundrettes was kicked off. By November 2017, there were 20 successful laundrettes in Finland, and the number is growing.


As Finland is a small market for bigger business growth, the search for international opportunities came to the picture and the UK appeared on top of the list. The UK laundrettes have been around for decades and people are using them regularly. But for various reasons in the UK, the investments in the modern technology have been limited and fully self-service based laundrettes are not seen in the market. This business opportunity for 24 Laundrette UK Ltd was identified and plans put in action; the pilot laundrette in Blackburn was opened in September 2017.




Use our self-service laundrette whilst you shop at Morrisons.
Our washing machines can accomodate big washes.
Our machines can accomodate big wash cycles




Why not get two jobs done at the same time and get your food shopping done whilst doing the laundry? Whether you have a small or large wash load, all of our wash cycles take just 30 minutes, and our drying cycles also take just 30 minutes. Perfect for getting your food shop done and the washing finished in one go!

Our washing machines and tumble dryers can accommodate more than double the capacity of domestic washing machines. Our largest machine can wash up to 19kg and even this machine takes just 30 minutes to complete a wash cycle! We have several machines of different sizes so you should never need to wait for an available one.

Has your washing machine or tumble dryer just broken down? Do you need washing or drying done quickly? We have several machines available to help you and all our wash cycles are just 30 minutes. Our washes also include free detergent which is added directly to the wash. Easy!


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