Environmentally Friendly Laundry Service

April 20, 2022

Here at 24 Laundromat, our priority is to ensure our products and services are fully sustainable and do no harm to the environment. With the planet becoming more vulnerable to environmental damage, we want to ensure we are doing our part, whilst allowing customers to feel comfortable with the work we do and who they do their laundry with.

How are we environmentally friendly?

We are an environmentally friendly company in many ways, and to enable this, we invest and source the latest, most efficient technologies from around the world. This technology is tested to ensure they meet the high environmental standards that we set. We also apply the same procedure to all products that are used in our machines such as detergents, which are also non-scented and allergy-tested, helping prevent the use of any harmful chemicals whilst being kind to everybody’s skin. To make our customers’ lives even more hassle-free, we kindly ask them to not use their own detergents and allow our products to optimise every wash.

Regarding our machines themselves, they offer a typically larger load than your everyday household washing machine which inevitably means our customers can do more washing in one go, meaning less water, energy, and detergents per wash. Our efficiency within our machines is supported by the superb rating they possess. All of our machines have an energy rating of A++, allowing for minimal energy, electricity, and water whilst the machines do their magnificent job of washing, drying, protecting, and maintaining their items. 

Ultimately, our main priority is keeping our work clean to ensure our customers are comfortable with our products and processes. With our customers gaining full faith that we’re doing our part, we can together help laundry become as cleaner exercise as possible for the environment. With environmentally friendly technology, we believe we can push the laundry industry forwards for years to come, and we believe there is no better place for people to do their laundry. To find the nearest 24 Laundromat, please click on the following link >> https://bit.ly/3udHSbk


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