Holiday Washing Made Easy.

While going on holiday is undoubtedly a joyful experience, it often comes with a fair share of practical challenges. One of the most common concerns is the accumulation of dirty laundry. However, the hassle of finding a suitable place to do your holiday washing can be easily resolved by turning to a trusted launderette. In this blog, we will explore the convenience, cost savings, and added benefits of using launderettes for your holiday laundry needs, where even the detergent is included in the machines!

After returning from a holiday, the mountain of dirty laundry can seem overwhelming. This is where 24 Laundromat could be your lifesaver. With their convenient locations and availability, 24 Laundromat offers the flexibility to wash in fewer loads than your domestic washer. In some of our locations, you can even combine that big food shop you face when returning from a holiday.  Instead of waiting for traditional laundry services, 24 Laundromat allows you to take control of your post-holiday laundry and get it done efficiently, ensuring you start your post-vacation routine on a clean and organised note.

Additionally, all our locations provide the convenience of self-service. Simply load the machine and relax while reminiscing about your holiday. Our machines vary in size, enabling them to cope with all that sun cream & sweat that comes back in your suitcase! Our standard washer is 9kg, followed by our big washer at 14kg, with our giant machine at 19kg, designed to handle large loads efficiently, ensuring your holiday laundry is done quickly and effectively. Our allergy-tested, unscented detergent is included in all our wash cycles, and we ask that customers do not bring their own detergent for our machines, leaving one less thing to worry about and eliminating the need to purchase expensive travel-sized detergent or worry about carrying it around during your trip.


Opting to use 24 Laundromat instead of hotel laundry services or seeking alternative washing methods can lead to substantial cost savings. Hotel laundry services are notorious for their high prices, often charging per garment or per kilogram, making it an expensive choice for washing your holiday clothes.

When it comes to holiday washing, no one relishes the thought of the laundry pile they face when returning, so why not let 24 Laundromat take care of it and you can go away and enjoy a hassle-free holiday without the stress of the laundry. Check out your nearest location >>


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