How to sort your laundry.

January 19, 2023

There is nothing worse than pulling out a once white shirt that has mysteriously turned pink in the process of being washed. How on earth did the red sock get into there? We’ve all been there, and the next thing you know, you’re wearing 50 shades of pink for the next week.

When being washed, clothes need to be sorted into categories to ensure they are being washed correctly and that your items aren’t being ruined. Being well-prepared is vital, whether in colour, weight, fabric type or temperature.

Sorting your laundry beforehand makes life easier and stops you from having crazy colour surprises! From darks to lights, to soft to thick, here are our top tips on which laundry types can be safely washed together.

The first step

It’s the dreaded wash day, and your laundry basket is filled to the brim with dirty bedsheets, the kids’ dirty football kit and more. So where do you begin?

Start by sorting all of your items into piles. Or better yet, having separate laundry baskets that enable you to split up the washing from the start! That way, you can pop the washing in straight away.

Always read the label before washing your clothing. The washing label is your best friend. It will provide information on what temperature to use and/or how to dry the specific fabrics. If you’re unsure what the symbols mean, look at our handy graphic!


To simplify your washing process, you should sort your washing into lights and darks. We suggest creating a different pile if you have any white shirts or trousers that you would like to keep as white as snow. But other than that, lights (pastels, white background prints etc.) and darks (black, navy etc.) tend to keep their colours and won’t mix.

All our washers include allergy-tested, unscented detergent. You won’t have to do anything other than pop your piles of clothes in and close the door!


We all have that one cosy, soft jumper that we once loved which now feels rough and stiff. That is all down to different types of clothes going into one wash. Just like clothing sizes, there isn’t a one wash fits all. You should separate your wash for those that need a delicate clean; this will require a lower temperature and slower wash. This is where your best friend washing labels come in use!

To keep the fabrics' lifespan, all our machines are cutting-edge, A++ energy-rated, and provide superior cleaning settings and performance.


Like fabrics, you want to ensure your wash is separated into weights. Stay away from putting heavy items like towels, coats etc., in with your dainty, delicate shirt that you spend months saving for. The shirt will always lose against the heavyweights.

At 24 Laundromat, we have washers and dryers up to 19kg capacity per wash/dry. This means you have double the space than your one at home. Our machines can wash anything from light clothes to heavy fabric rugs to unique pet beds. This list is endless!

Try out our 24 Laundromat machines today for all your washing, no matter the colour, fabric or weight! For more information, give us a call on 0330 3530247 or drop us an email at


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