Misconceptions of Laundrettes

September 22, 2022

As talk continues of increasing energy prices and cost of living rises, now may be a good time for us to clear up any misconceptions and myths surrounding your local laundrette.


Misconception #1: Laundrettes are expensive.


The most common misconception for any laundrette is the cost to use. The average family gets through 8 to 10 wash loads every week, and getting through all that washing with one washer and one dryer can take hours, not to mention cost a fortune. After the cost of water and electricity is accounted for, things mount up.  At 24 Laundromat, you can load multiple washers and dryers, tackling all of your loads simultaneously for a fraction of the cost. Our services range from £4 to £12 for one of our largest machines, capable of washing up to 19kg, and our tumble dryers are £3; both cycles are completed within the hour, giving you the rest of your day back.


Misconception #2: Dot Cotton era.


The second most common misconception has to be that every laundrette ever to exist is run by the famous TV icon - Dot Cotton! The association this iconic EastEnders character has with laundrettes is incredible, but sadly like most TV dramas, that's where the resemblance ends - sorry to disappoint! At 24 Laundromat, our launderettes are self-service. There is a customer helpline to assist you with any queries you may have whilst using our machines, so you can be sure help is on hand whenever you need it!  


Misconception #3: Laundrettes aren't safe, and the machinery is intimidating.


Contrary to popular belief, most laundrettes are safe and secure to use and whilst some may seem intimidating, the high-powered commercial washers and dryers are pretty straightforward to use. All our launderettes are based inside Morrisons stores, with our opening times the same as the store. So whether you are happy to sit, relax and read a book whilst your washing is done, or you’re someone who wants to load the washing and then go and shop around the store, we can accommodate all! You can also use laundry carts to help move the washing around between machines easily.


Misconception #4: Hot washes clean better than cold.


Old habits can be tough to break. The mindset that warm or hot water makes clothes cleaner or kills off more bacteria is not entirely true, yet it has been passed down from generation to generation. Washing in cold water is far more gentle and safer for delicate fabrics; it also limits the shrinking of your favourite items, along with stopping those nasty sweaty odours from lingering!


Also, did you know that about 90% of your washing machine's energy goes towards heating the water? All our machines are new and employ the latest technology, reducing our carbon footprint due to their A++ energy performance. 


Misconception #5: Adding more detergent will make your clothes cleaner. 


When using our machines, we ask that customers do not bring their own detergent for our machines. As you can rest assured that the correct amount of detergent is dispensed into the machine. Our machines add this automatically to all of our wash cycles, meaning your clothes will never have that build-up of detergent created when too much is used, which is the opposite of getting cleaner clothes. We ask that customers do not bring their own detergent for our machines. All detergent used is unscented and hypoallergenic



With rising living costs, it is essential now more than ever to minimise unnecessary costs at home, and if you can save time by doing so, you’re on to a winner! Try out 24 Laundromat today; we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised! For more information, give us a call on 0330 3530247 or drop us an email at contact@24laundromat.com.



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