Who are 24 Laundromat?

March 17, 2022

Who are 24 Laundromat?

24 Laundromat is a brand new concept for self-service laundry. The main idea behind our work is to make laundry as stress-free as possible for our customers, allowing you to get on with your day whilst we take care of your laundry.

Who are we?

24Laundromat have originated from Finnish parent company, 24 Pesula Oy, established in 1999 by the 7 Nevala family brothers. With their main interests in technology, they were intrigued to discover industries that were yet to take full advantage of the rapid development of technology that the 21st century has seen. As a result of their research, laundrettes became a top target.

After research into how technology can optimise the laundrette industry, the Nevala brothers combined their knowledge and skill to design new washing machines which could make laundry as efficient as being set up and completed within 1 day. After strong development in Finland, the laundrettes came to the UK to seize on an opportunity to become a key player in the market, and since we have opened laundrettes in Blackburn and Peckham.

What are we about?

At 24Laundromat, we prioritise our customers before anything else. Our services are to benefit our customers and make their life as stress-free as we can. Here are just a few of the benefits of using 24Laundromat!

Get the shopping done

Doing the laundry and going food shopping are two tasks that we’re always pleased to tick off the list, so why not tick both of them off at once? Our washing cycles in all machines last just 30 minutes and tumble dryer cycle just 40 minutes, giving you the time you need to do your weekly food shopping at Blackburn and Peckham Morrisons whilst we take care of your laundry!

Big wash loads

Our washing machines accommodate more than twice the capacity of domestic washing machines, so get two washes done in one go! Our largest machine can hold 19kg of washing and even this machine can guarantee a 30-minute wash, just like our other machines. We have several machines which are always available to use, so you’ll never be stuck waiting for your laundry.

Emergency washes

Whether you’ve got an important day ahead and have forgotten to wash your clothes, or your domestic machine has decided to give up on you randomly, we’ve got your back. Again, we have many machines which are always available for use, no matter when you might need them. Our washes also include free, odourless, allergy tested, and environmentally green detergent which is added directly into the wash, so expect your clothes clean and fresh within just 30 minutes!

As mentioned previously, our aim is to ensure our customers endure an efficient everyday life, and laundry can become a time-consuming task and let’s be honest, nobody really enjoys doing the washing. We are here to take away that stress and help you get back that valuable time you’ve been using up until now. 

At 24Laundromat, we are experts in laundry and we believe our service is unmatched when it comes to efficiency and quality. If you would like to know more about us, or have any questions, please get in touch via email at contact@24laundromat.com.


“I love that you
can pay by card!”

“Lovely and clean. Easy to use.
Convenient. Good value for money.”

“Fantastic service!
Washed the dog bed and got the
shopping done at the same time!
Will recommend and use again.”