How to use one of our laundrettes…

June 22, 2022

Our self-service laundrettes are a relatively new concept for most people, and many are reluctant to try them out due to the unfamiliarity surrounding them. It may feel easier to use your own washing machine, but sometimes this isn’t possible; you might be in a rush, your washing machine might be playing up, or it may even be more economical to use a laundrette given the current cost of living crisis - use our water, electricity and detergent, all included in the price. All of our machines are modern, A++ energy rated and offer superior cleaning settings and performance to ensure the longevity of fabrics. If everybody knew how easy it is to use a laundrette, there would probably be a surge in people using them now, so let’s explain it to you…

How to use a 24 Laundromat Laundrette

Choose your machine

Firstly, choose any empty machines that our friendly team can identify if you are struggling to locate one. If there are no available machines, you may have to wait a short while until a previous customer’s laundry is complete. Our machines vary in size, enabling them to cope with even the biggest of loads. Our standard washer is 9kg, followed by our big washer, 14kg with our giant machine at 19kg, being perfect for all your washing! Please contact our friendly helpline team if you require any help using the machines while you are at the laundrette. 

Load your laundry

Secondly, you’ll need to load your laundry into the machine. Make sure there is enough room to allow the cycle to turn and spin, ensuring your washing has the complete service at the highest quality. Automatically the detergent is dispensed into the machine with an auto-dosing system. We ask that customers do not bring their own detergent for our machines. All detergent used is unscented and hypoallergenic - so all you need to do is select your programme and let the washing process begin! 

Card payment only; no need to look for cash

Using the machine's screen, select what cycle you would like, wash or dry. Once you have chosen the desired setting, simply pay using our cashless system and load your laundry. If you’re having trouble, our team are always happy to help. Once the payment is complete, simply press ‘Start’, and the machine will get to work!

Simply wait before unloading

The final step is to wait for your laundry cycle to complete. The machine will tell you when the laundry is ready, but a typical wash lasts around 30-minutes, with our dryers having a 40-minute cycle. Thanks to our location within Blackburn and Peckham, Morrisons supermarket, you can simply use this waiting time to go shopping, visit the cafe, catch up with friends, or simply relax at our laundrette, taking time to read the perfect book! 

Once complete, you will need to unload your laundry. It is best to bring a wash basket with you to avoid carrying all of your washing. Simply choose to repeat this process using our laundrette dryers or take it home to dry it yourself. The process couldn’t be any easier!

We have ensured that our washing and drying laundry is user-friendly, safe and convenient for all customers. Providing unscented, hypoallergenic detergent gives our customers one less thing to worry about, saving them money. As our locations are within Morrisons, our customers can combine two household chores within one trip whilst their laundry is being washed! 

We believe it is essential now more than ever to minimise unnecessary costs at home, especially with the current circumstances and the increased cost of living, so try out 24 Laundromat today! For more information, give us a call on 0330 3530247 or drop us an email at


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