LADA 2019 Finalists

September 12, 2019

We are delighted to be a finalist in "The Most Innovative Company" category in the UK Laundry & Dry cleaning Awards (LADA's) 2019.

We were originally nominated for this category for our 24-hour drying lockers. Our unique product and concept.

The 24-hour drying locker was designed to safely dry fabrics that are not suitable for a traditional tumble dryer. Either because they will be damaged or could shrink (i.e. cotton). For example, items such as fabric rugs, down jackets, formal shirts, and pet beds.

The fabrics are heated to approximately 40 degrees Celsius in a temperature-controlled environment. The water vapour is then removed through a dehumidification process, which also assists with temperature control so is more environmentally friendly.

Set of six lockers have been installed in the flagship Blackburn laundrette. Three with larger mesh racks for heavier items such as jackets and rugs, and three with silicone lines for lighter items such as formal shirts.

All of the lockers are closed for up to 24 hours; the customer simply takes their locker key home and returns the next day to retrieve their dried items.

The LADA 2019 Award's evening is on 7th September 2019.


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